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The body type = dress style secrets revealed! your body shape & the dresses which flatter your figure.


Your body shape can be an exceptionally useful tool when deciding between a few amazing, yet completely different dress styles.
Whilst categorising yourself as a type of fruit or playschool window shape may seem a bit outdated, it provides simplistic clarity, allowing you to focus on the styles which enhance your natural figure. (Not to mention a timely short-cut during the oh-so familiar shopping 'process of elimination')

Every Body is uniquely different, so you may find yours to be a hybrid mix of a couple shapes below.
Remember, it's still important to reference your own personal style as well! So utilise the below info-gram as a guide when selecting a dress silhouette.

Here we've narrowed down the five most common body shapes; with simple descriptions of each, allowing you to quickly and easily pin-point yours.

Are your hips and bust wider than your waist? Great!
That probably means you have an Hourglass body shape.

For each body shape, three of the top dress silhouettes are revealed, along with explanations for why they work to flatter your figure.

If you're still torn between two styles, we have created individual reviews of all suggested dresses styles in Silhouette of a Dress.   

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