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Shopping for your YES Dress!

...finally, The One you've been waiting for!

Purchasing your perfect wedding dress is a completely unique shopping experience, as everyone has their own way of finding their perfect gown.

Whether you turn to loved ones for approval or surprise absolutely everyone on the ‘Big Day’, ask yourself three key questions when selecting THE dress… Does the dress silhouette reflect your personality, does it flatter your body shape and will you feel comfortable in the style?



Roll up your sleeves and unroll your measuring tape!

Be mindful to refer to measurement tables and select a size based on generous measurements instead of your future ideal size. Alteration Tailors prefer to work with more fabric than less of it. Whether you’ve purchased your affordable piece of perfection online; or traded in your car for an international label in-store, almost every gown will require alterations.

After all, none of us are simply the ‘standard’ size! 


Wedding dresses are made of specialist fabrics not normally used in everyday clothing, instead they are generally composed of little to no elastane. So, depending on the silhouette, just be mindful that your chosen dress may be slightly harder to perform the limbo in, on your special night! 


Chicken fillets aside, the most important piece of underwear for your most important day is a petticoat slip. Depending on dress silhouettes, the addition of a petticoat will undoubtedly perfect your look. As a general guide, if the dress looks shapely, it will require shapewear.

Remember to take all your underwear along to your dress alteration fittings.


After 20, 30 or 50+ years of shopping for your body type, you’ll probably find yourself leaning towards a dress shape that you’re already comfortable wearing. Selecting one of your preferred silhouettes will enhance natural figure, making you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed on THE day.


Whilst a selection of our wedding dresses are already in-stock, most items are made upon order, and shipping times may vary pending each design, fabrics and transit schedules. It’s always better to begin shopping as far in advance as possible, to accommodate for these factors and possible alterations.


Forget the stress and enjoy the Dress! Whether shopping in peace and quiet, sending links to your bestie; or surrounded friends and family peering over your computer screen, make sure you pour yourself a drink and crack open the chocolate!

We thoroughly hope you enjoy your wedding dress purchase… talk about ultimate retail therapy!




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