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CocoBlack's founder, Emma Natalia is a Melbourne born and raised entrepreneur. 

When she's not designing into the early hours of the morning, she finds herself wandering inner city streets, co-incidentally along Melbourne's most highly regarded Wedding Dress district.

Emma’s passion for Needle-crafts began at age 6, alongside her Nonna on quiet Sunday afternoons. She picked up the workings of a sewing machine quite quickly at 10 years old, regularly mending her dads work pants. By 16, she was designing and creating an array of garments for both V.C.E and pleasure. A lover of all things crafted, Emma followed her passions into a career, and has been professionally designing smaller items to larger spaces since 2009.

Almost 10 years on, she has closely witnessed many brides experience joy, yet the accompanied debt of wedding costs. Surrounded by two types of friends either in debt from tying-the-knot, or not even considering a wedding for financial reasons. Most, it seems are weighing up the purchase of a property over a wedding.

While there may be no way to change the property market, CocoBlack is here to change the wedding market.

We believe that every life changing event should be celebrated!

For this reason, CocoBlack engages up-coming; instead of already established designers, to reduce the cost of every woman’s dream dress. Providing Australian Brides with entry level wedding dresses, it’s obvious why...

'CocoBLACK is the New WHITE!'

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