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 Fit is Everything!

...which is why when it comes to your wedding dress, alterations are also everything!


Whether you’ve purchased your affordable piece of perfection online; or traded in your car for an international label in-store, all gowns will require alterations. After all, none of us are simply the “standard” size! 

Tailoring the most important dress of your lifetime may include generally refitting to your size, altering the length, adjusting the bust area for a different cup size or inserting bra cups for a fuller bust look to support the bodice of the Gown.


 Just as you’re about to break out the measuring tape, here are eight key tips to remember when it comes to bridal alterations...


1. Find a local Tailor / Dressmaker  
Select a professional Bridal Dress Alteration Salon. Google Maps provide independent reviews for local Tailors and Dressmakers within your area.

2. Stay on schedule
Schedule a dress fitting two months before the wedding & a final fitting no later than two weeks before your wedding.

3. Budget for alterations
Some Tailors charge per service while others offer a flat fee which covers anything you’ll need to make your dress fit perfectly.

4. Be mindful of your anticipated wedding weight
Never order a too-small dress as motivation, it’s much easier for a Tailor to take in a larger dress than to let a smaller one out.

5. Wear your wedding shoes
When your Tailor adjusts the hem, make sure to bring the shoes you’ll wear at the wedding so you’ll be at the same height as the big day.

6. Go for a hemline that grazes the ground
Aim for a hemline that gently grazes the ground so you won’t trip on the dress when dancing, mingling with guests & most importantly, walking down the aisle!

7. Bring along the undergarments & accessories
Bring all the undergarments you plan on wearing along with you to your fitting as the thickness of every piece should be accounted for upon adjusting your Gown.

8. Bring a savvy friend
It’s always good to bring a family member or friend with you to your dress fittings, someone with a great sense of style & an opinion you trust!

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